Live Demo of the Tixys Platform

See how quick and easy your customers can buy tickets online.

We have set up an example shop to show you how quick and easy you can buy tickets with the Tixys software. Click the button below to see a Tixys shop in action.

You can buy “real” tickets in the demo shop. Not that you could use them for an actual trip, but they look exactly like the ones created by a regular shop.

  • Select a payment method and enter test account details (see below).
  • You can enter a fake name, but you might want enter a real e-mail address to get the ticket by e-mail. But you can also use a fake e-mail address (e.g. – you’d still be able to download the ticket from the confirmation page.
  • You can subscribe to the newsletter to see how the opt-in process works from the customer’s perspective. We will however never send any newsletters to demo shop subscriptions.

Tixys demo shop

Note: The demo shop is on a “Premium” account. Some of the features (e.g. connection discounts) are not available in the “Free” version. See the features overview to learn about the different Tixys versions.

Account details for test payments

We have set up payment test accounts which you can use to simulate payments in order to buy a ticket:

Credit Card
Expiry date(any date in the future)
Security code(any 3-digit numeric code)