Affiliate Sales and Conversion Tracking

Allow external affiliate partners to earn money on a pay-per-sale basis by embedding ads with deep links into their website.

Free vs. Premium

Affiliate tracking of arbitrary referrers is only available in the “Premium“ version. In the “Free“ version, only sales of the global marketers can be tracked.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing: Other websites advertise for your shop – and if the advertisement generates a sale, you will pay a commission to the advertiser.

This type of performance-based marketing, also known as “pay per sale”, is great for sellers – you only pay for the advertisement when a sale is made. The tricky part is the so-called conversion tracking, i.e. knowing which sales have been generated by which external website. Luckily, Tixys takes care of that.

The chapter “Partner Accounting and Reports” will explain in detail how you and your partners can determine the sales generated during a given period of time.

Negotiating commissions

No matter which setup you choose, it’s up to you negotiate commissions with your affiliate partners (including global marketers). Although we provide tools to measure turnovers generated by your affiliate partners, we do not interfer in agreements about the commissions to be paid for advertising.

Global marketers

The global marketers are certainly the easiest way to start with the affiliate marketing of your shop. These partners have global access to connections and prices on Tixys.

To share your data with a marketer, simply activate them in Administration areaSettingsExternal Services. From that moment on, they will receive all connections and prices bookable through your shop.

Don’t forget to contact them about the commission contract, otherwise they might not display your connections.

Individual affiliate partners of your shop

If you want to set up your own partner websites as affiliates, you must first create a user account for each affiliate, and give them the Affiliate capability. The user account’s ID will be used as the affiliate ID, i.e. for tracking sales generated by the affiliate.

There are three ways of creating advertising material for affiliate campaigns: banners, forms and data exports.

Static banners

A banner is a static image which, when clicked, will redirect to your shop. If your partner will embed a banner into his website, the link should contain his user ID passed as the aff parameter. For the user with the ID 12345, the complete URL would be

The URL can also be a “deep link”, as described in the chapter “Deep Links to Stations and Connections”. Just don’t forget to append the aff parameter, otherwise sales won’t be tracked.

Interactive forms

Your affiliate partners can also embed search forms into their websites, as described in the chapter “Webservice API and SDK”. In this case, make sure to embed a hidden field containing the aff parameter.

Data exports

If your partner is a search engine, they will usually want an data export of your timetable and pricing information. For this purpose, Tixys provides GTFS exports, which you can download and send to your partner, so they can integrate the information into their own database.

The partner can then create deep links with their affiliate ID attached; the procedure is the same as for static banners.