Webservice API and SDK

General information and usage examples regarding the Tixys webservice APIs and the Software Development Kit (SDK).

Free vs. Premium

Some of the examples on this page can only be implemented with the “Premium“ version.

What are APIs and SDKs?

“API” stands for Application Programming Interface. An interface allows extending the functionality of a product by “plugging in” additional components. For example, when you attach a keyboard or printer to your computer, you are using the USB interface.

In a similar way, the programming interfaces of a software application allow third party components to interact with the software. A webservice API is an API that uses web technologies like HTTP and XML for communication, rather than programming languages.

“SDK” stands for Software Development Kit. It’s a collection of tools and source code samples that help building own applications on top of an API.

How to create an API-based application?

If you need a custom extension of the Tixys platform, we’ll be happy to build it for you – simply send us an e-mail with what you have in mind.

If you want to do the programming yourself or with your own software development partner, you can do so with the Tixys APIs and the SDK found on GitHub. In this case, we can provide consulting to support a high-quality development and make sure the application is compliant with the specifications.


What can you do with the APIs? Here are a few ideas how to extend your Tixys experience with API-based applications.

Affiliate marketingProvide data feeds to your affiliate partners so they can advertise for you.
Website integrationIntegrate Tixys station and connection searches or a timetable view into your own website.
Smartphone appOffer a smartphone app for your customers so they can search your schedule from their Android phone or iPhone.
Remote booking softwareYour tickets can be sold by your partners through their booking software. For example, if you’re operating an airport shuttle, airlines can sell your tickets directly to their customers.
Accounting softwareConnect your Tixys shop with your accounting software to automatically obtain statistical and sales figures.
Point-of-sale deviceSell Tixys tickets on your company’s point-of-sale devices (if you don’t want to use the Tixys app).