Coupon and Voucher Campaigns

Vouchers are individual credit for customers, to be used for marketing or customer relations. Coupons codes can be issued to customers to grant generic discounts, for example to promote a certain offer.

Free vs. Premium

Coupons and voucher campaigns are only available in the “Premium“ version.


In Tixys, a coupon is an alpha-numeric code like CN-29783-USQV5A. This code can be used by customers to reduce the price of a ticket. The code is generic, i.e. it will not be used up by being used (unlike a voucher, see below).

There are several common use cases for coupons: For example, you can use them in a print advertising campaign. Or you can even print a coupon code on your tickets, to give recurring customers a little bonus.

A coupon code is generated by Tixys when you create a coupon campaign, which can be done on the Administration areaMarketingCoupons page. A coupon has got the following properties:

IDAutomatically generated identifier.
Campaign codeThe actual coupon code, to be given to customers. It is automatically generated by Tixys and consists of the prefix CN-, the campaign ID and a random alpha-numeric part.
NameThe name of the campaign.
Campaign periodDefines when the coupon can be used.
DiscountThe actual value of the coupon. Either a percentage – in this case, the ticket price will be reduced by the given percentage. Or a fixed deduction.
StatusSet the campaign to “inactive” to temporarily disable it.
Limit to start stationThe coupon can only be applied to tickets that start at the given station.
Limit to destination stationThe coupon can only be applied to tickets that end at the given station.
Limit to routeThe coupon can only be applied to tickets that use at the given route.
Minimum ticket valueThe coupon can only be applied to tickets that have at least the given value.


In Tixys, a voucher is an alpha-numeric code like VC-29783-USQV5A. This code is associated with a fixed monetary value and can be given to a customer. The customer can use the voucher value during the booking process in order to partially or fully pay for tickets.

Of course, you can print the voucher code on a nicely designed card or flyer, if you want to use it for marketing purposes.

Managing vouchers

Before you can create a voucher, you must create a voucher campaign, which can be done on the Administration areaMarketingVouchers page.

Voucher campaigns can, like coupon campaigns, be restricted to stations, routes or minimum ticket values. See the description of coupon campaigns above for details.

When the campaign is created, click “Manage vouchers” to add or modify single vouchers.

Control elementsSearch: Search vouchers. Optionally, limit the result set to vouchers of a certain value.Add vouchers: Create a sequence of new vouchers. Enter the number of vouchers and their values.PropertiesVoucher code: The full voucher, to be given to the customer.Current value: The current/remaining value of a voucher. You can “recharge” the voucher by increasing this number.Comment: Field for internal remarks. It’s a good idea to note a specific reference here, so that you know who is in possession of this voucher, and why.Save: After editing a voucher, don’t forget to save it.Delete: If the voucher hasn’t been used yet, you can delete it. Otherwise, simply set its remaining value to zero.