Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions that may come up when operating a Tixys shop. They are based on recurring questions we have collected during the past years.


What exactly is Tixys?

Tixys is a booking engine for online ticket selling and marketing, specially developed for the needs of travel businesses, such as long-distance, inter-city coaches, airport shuttle services, private train operators and charter flights.

What does “Tixys” mean?

“Tixys” is an artficial word, derived from the words ticket and system.

What background does Tixys have?

The roots of Tixys go back to 2007, the last major revision has been finished in 2012. Since then, Tixys has been continuously improved. The next big revision is planned for 2016 with the release of the deployable versions and many improvements of the Platform Edition.

How many customers does Tixys reach?

Each month, tens of thousands of tickets with a turnover of hundreds of thousands of Euros are booked by customers mainly from Germany and Europe. And we are rapidly growing, expecting to increase these figures by one or two magnitudes within the next five years.


Does Tixys guarantee that using the platform is legally safe?

Even though we try to implement the requirements of different legislations, we cannot warrant that operating a Tixys shop is 100 percent safe. Please check yourself and let us know if you think there’s room for improvement.

My company is an agency, selling tickets on behalf of bus operators. Can I register a Tixys shop?

No. Only primary operators may register a shop. This is necessary to ensure the responsibility for the services offered here.

My company is an operator, but charters busses from subcontractors. Can I register a Tixys shop?

Yes, as long as you’re fully responsible for all services being offered through your shop.

Does Tixys collect money on my behalf?

No, all payments go directly into your account. Tixys will never intercept customer’s payments.

What is an “Agreement of Commissioned Data Processing”?

The “Agreement of Commissioned Data Processing” is a contract where we, Tixys, commit to very strict privacy standards when we collect and store customers’ personal information on behalf of operators. In this contract, we explain how such information is collected, why it is collected, how it is stored and what security measures we have implemented to protect the information from unauthorized access.


When I register for selling via Tixys, will my customers also see competitors’ offers?

No. You will have your dedicated shop on Tixys, and only your offers will be visible.

Can I customize my shop’s design?

You can upload a logo which will be shown at the top of each page of your shop. Further modifications are not possible at the moment. Future releases will allow an almost full customisation of layout, colors and typography.

Which payment service providers (PSPs) and payment methods are available?

We have currently integrated TeleCash, DocData, Wirecard and PayPal. Payment methods include various credit cards (e.g. VISA, Mastercard, American Express, China Union Pay), SEPA direct debit, Giropay, iDEAL, PayPal, and many more.

Why do I sometimes see English text fragments, even though I have switched to a different language?

The default language of Tixys is English. New or modified text fragments may take some time to be translated to other languages. Until then, the default fragment is displayed.

Also, some parts of Tixys (such as internal error messages) will not be available in other languages than English, because their target audience is too small and is generally used to reading English texts.


Can users subscribe to my newsletter without buying tickets?

Yes, a direct subscription is possible at the URL You can embed this URL into your website and use Tixys as a tool for managing your newsletter subscriptions.


Is price differentiation possible with affiliate sales, in the same way it is possible with agency sales?

No, because this would effectively be cheating. Although the customer comes from an external website, the site of purchase is still your shop. Besides, it would be quite easy to circumvent this, in order to get different prices.

A tour is marked as “not overbookable”, yet I can still book tickets on it, even though it is full?

When you are logged as administrator or a user with Customer Support or Bus driver capabilities, you can add tickets even to tours that are already sold out. This is intentional behaviour. To see the tour from the customer’s perspective, simply log out.

BusApp for on-board sales

Can I uses other devices than Android smartphones for selling tickets on board?

Although the Tixys BusApp is only available for Android, you can create a custom application. All APIs required for this are publically accessible and well documented. Please read the chapter Webservice API and SDK and check our SDK on GitHub.

Can I use other printers than the Woosim Porti SC-30 with the Tixys BusApp?

In theory, yes, but a driver would have to be developed. And, developing drivers for Android devices is rather complicated. So it would only make sense if you’re planning a large deployment.

Does Tixys sell suitables Android devices or the Porti SC-30 mini printer?

Sorry, Tixys does not sell hardware, because we would not be able to deliver appropriate support.

(To be continued.)