General information

General information about the Tixys booking engine.

Tixys is a world-wide operating booking engine for selling and marketing bus/train tickets online. It is specially developed for the needs of travel businesses, such as long-distance, inter-city coaches, airport shuttle services, private train operators and charter flights.

There are two versions: One free version for small operators who just want to sell tickets online. And a premium version with advanced selling and marketing features.

The software allows managing stations, routes, and timetables to sell tickets online, via agencies and on board.

A wide variety of features helps with marketing: Integration with major travel search engines, vouchers/coupons, newsletter subscription management, and many more. APIs can be used to create custom solutions and interact with Tixys from remote services.

The software is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. It is optimized for recent desktop browsers and mobile phones. As it is multilingual, operators can address customers from many different countries.

No technical knowlegde is required to operate a Tixys shop. After reading this documentation, anybody who regularily uses a computer can sell tickets via Tixys.

Tixys allows selling tickets on various distribution channels: Operators can sell tickets online, but also via agencies on a post-paid basis. Of course, tickets can also be sold on the bus or train during boarding.

The software has some interesting pricing features, such as revenue optimization with yield management, or price differentiation for different distribution channels.

Like any good e-commerce system, Tixys helps sellers with online marketing. For example, with its built-in affiliate tracking it supports advertising on a pay-per-sale basis. Also, it will submit the operator’s tours to several travel search engines, so that a Tixys shop can reach customers as soon as possible.

Accounting is supported by various reporting tools and data exports into the Excel and CSV formats.

External websites and services can interact with the Tixys platform through publicly documented webservice APIs. They allow embedding widgets on remote sites, exporting all kinds of data and even implement remote booking solutions.