Multi-ride Tickets and Reservations

Beneath the common single-ride tickets, Tixys allows creating arbitrary types of “multi-ride tickets”, with specific parameters for the validity period and the amount of available trips.

Free vs. Premium

Multi-ride tickets and reservations are only available in the “Premium“ version.

About ticket types

The most common ticket type is the single-ride ticket: The customer books a ticket for a specific connection.

Additionally, you can sell multi-ride tickets, allowing customers to make multiple trips with one ticket. Tickets of these types are usually limited to a certain period (e.g. “monthly pass”) or a fixed number of rides (e.g. “10 rides pass”).

Multi-ride tickets can be restricted to relations and combined with tariff types. For example, you could decide that a “monthly pass” is only available when traveling from station A to station B (and vice versa), and only for adults and groups, while not being available for reduced tariff types like children.

A multi-ride ticket alone is not sufficient for boarding. The customer must book a specific connection to have seats reserved and be entitled to ride.

This is necessary in order to guarantee the required capacity for the customer on the desired connection. Additionally, to record used rides of multi-ride tickets with a limited amount of rides.

Creating a multi-ride ticket type and defining prices

In order to sell multi-ride tickets, corresponding ticket types have to be created, and prices must be defined for relations on which this ticket type is to be sold.

Creating the ticket type

Ticket types are managed on the Administration areaSaleMulti-ride Tickets page. A ticket type has the following notable properties:

Round tripAllows tickets of this type to be also used in the opposite direction of the relation which it was booked for (this is usually a good idea).

Sets a limited validity period for tickets of this type. During the booking process, the customer will be able to select the first day of validity, the last day will be determined automatically.

RidesSets a limited number of rides for tickets of this type.

Defining prices

General information about editing price models can be found in the “Defining prices for single-ride and multi-ride tickets” chapter.

  1. Go to Administration areaSaleSingle-ride ticket fares.
  2. Click create new or select an existing price model for editing.
  3. In the Prices field, you will now see an additional selection, labeled “Ticket types”.
  4. To keep the current selection and add the ticket type you’ve just created, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the new ticket type.
  5. Now click the apply button below the select fields. This will update the price table and add input fields for the fares of the new ticket type, in combination with your tariff types and channels.
  6. Enter prices in the empty fields and set the applicable VAT models.
  7. When you’re done, click save.

The new ticket type will now be available for booking on the selected relation.

Editing multi-ride tickets and reservations

Information about creating and editing tickets can be found in the “Managing Booked Tickets and Payments” chapter.