Newsletter Subscriptions

Customers can subscribe for the operator’s newsletter, the collected mail addresses can be used to send out newsletter mailings.

Free vs. Premium

Customer newsletter subscriptions are only available in the “Premium“ version.

Customer newsletter registration

Your customers can subscribe to your newsletter during the booking process on the checkout page.

Additionally, the page allows a direct subscription. If a customer wants to unsubscribe, he can visit the page

Both subscription and unsubscription are performed with double opt-out, i.e. the customer will receive an e-mail asking him to confirm his choice. Only if the confirmation is provided, the subscription or unsubscription is being performed.

Managing registrations

Administrators and users with Customer support privileges can manage newsletter subscriptions.

Registrations can be created, modified or deleted at Administration areaMarketingNewsletter Subscriptions. When creating a new subscription, please make sure to have the user’s permission, because it will not be asked via opt-in.

Newsletter campaigns through mailing services

Tixys itself cannot be used for mailing campaigns. Creating the newsletter and mailing it to the recipients will either be done by a bulk mailing service or a dedicated tool.

Examples of mailing services are Mailchimp and Cleverreach, while phpList is a popular Open Source application. There are many more solutions on the market, so make sure to find the one that suits you best.

Almost all of these applications are able to import e-mail adress lists. To generate such a list from the e-mails Tixys has collected for you, simply go to Administration areaMarketingNewsletter Subscriptions and use the export feature to create and download a CSV file. This file can then be uploaded into the mailing application of your choice.

Make sure to always re-import the current list of subscribers before a mailing campaign. This will ensure that unsubscribed customers don’t receive your newsletter anymore.

Also, make sure to include the unsubscribe link (see above) somewhere in your mail.