Partner Accounting and Reports

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Analyze the turnover generated by your partner agencies and affiliates, and get the total overview of the turnover generated by your shop.

Free vs. Premium

In the “Free“ version, only sales of the global marketers can be tracked.

Partner accounting

As you have read in the chapters “Affiliate Sales and Conversion Tracking” and “Post-paid Agency Sales”, you can have partners generate turnover for you, either through post-paid sales by an agency, or through affiliate sales.

Either way, you will want to know the exact amounts of turnover generated through your partners. These figures can be generated on the page Administration areaBookingsPartners.

Period: Select the period for which the report should be generated.Type: Select if you want to see agency or affiliate sales.Company, User, Marketer: You can select to generate a report for all users of a certain company, or a single user, or a marketer.List: All tickets that were found matching your search parameters.Export: The list can be exported and downloaded as Excel or CSV file.Totals: The footer shows the total number of tickets and the total turnover.

By the way, each partner can view his turnover at

Turnover reports

As a shop owner, you can download monthly reports with all valid bookings made in your shop on the page Administration areaInformationReports.

Each report is a CSV file with all details of each ticket. Note that a ticket can appear twice if it contains more than one price component.

Reports are generated at the end of a month. If you modify a ticket from a previous month, the respective report will be regenerated within the next 30 minutes.