Post-paid Agency Sales

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Agencies, such as tourist offices, can sell tickets and collect money on behalf of you.

Free vs. Premium

Agency sales are only available in the “Premium“ version.

An agency is a public business that sells tickets on behalf of your shop. It is operated by one or more agents, who serve customers and sell tickets.

(In the logic of Tixys, there are two additional, somewhat special types of agencies: bus companies who work as subcontractors for you, and online travel agencies. All of the following applies to them, too.)

Add an agency

First, create a user account for each agent, assigning them the “Agency” capability. (Read more in the chapter “Users and Roles”).

If the agency has more than one agent, it’s a good idea to create a company (Administration areaUsersUsers) and assign it to the agents. This will make your accounting easier.

Price differentiation

When selling tickets via agencies, it is quite common to sell the same service at different prices.

For example, an adult ticket booked online would cost 20 Euros, while the same ticket, bought in an agency, would cost 22 Euros. This is obviously necessary to include the agency’s commission in the booking price.

Read the “Price Differentiation with Channels” chapter to learn how to apply price differentiation with Tixys.

The agency booking process

First, the agent has to log in. This can be done on, from there, the agent can start the booking process by clicking new booking.

The booking process for an agent is almost exactly the same as for a customer (see “The Booking Process”).

If the operator has assigned a channel to the agent or the agency, the correct prices for that channel will be displayed when the agent creates a ticket.

The only difference compared to the booking process of a customer is that, on the checkout page, the agent does not need to enter payment information. As soon as he confirms the booking, the tickets will be issued.

Agency accounting

The tickets issued by the agent will be marked as “post-paid”. This means that you haven’t received a payment for them yet – instead, you can create a report of the generated turnover by an agent or an agency, and invoice the due amount to them.

The “Partner Accounting and Reports” chapter explains how this works.