Defining prices for single-ride and multi-ride tickets

Price models define the ticket fares and the availability of different tariff types through different channels.

Single-ride fares apply to tickets that are bought for exactly one ride on a given connection. Multi-ride fares apply to multi-ride tickets.

It is recommended to read the chapters “Stations, Routes and Other Basics” and “Creating and Managing Timetables” to better understand this chapter.

Free vs. Premium

  • In the “Free“ version, a price model does not have fields for VAT models. Instead, the default VAT is set globally. Also, there are not fields for discount models in the “Free“ version.
  • Multi-ride tickets are only available in the “Premium“ version, therefore the multi-ride ticket prices are also only available there.

Single-ride ticket fares

When you’ve created your tours and timetables, there’s still one important thing missing until you can sell tickets: You must define the fares. This is achieved through price models.

This is pretty simple: Go to Administration areaSaleSingle-ride ticket fares and click create new to create a new price model object.

On the edit view, you will see fields for common properties like name or status. After selecting a route for the price model, the lower part of the page will populate with a table containing all possible relations on this route.

Configure available tariffs

This table allows you to define on which relations you want to sell which tariff types through which channels.

Name: The name is only used internally when assigning the price model to a tour.Route: It is mandatory to select the correct route for the price model. After selecting the route, the relations table will be generated.Relation: Activate the checkbox in the black bar to sell tickets on this relation.VAT model: Select a VAT model for this relation.Discount model: Select a discount model for this relation.Tariff type and channel: Activate the checkbox in a table cell to sell tickets for this combination of tariff type and channel.

When the price model is saved, it may take up to 15 minutes before the system recognizes activated or deactivated relations.

Multi-ride ticket fares

Prices for multi-ride tickets are defined through a simple relations.

Go to Administration areaSaleMulti-ride ticket fares and click create new to create a new price model object.

The edit view is widely identical to the one of a route price model (see above). The are only a few differences:

  • Instead of selecting a route, you select a departure and a destination station.
  • Instead of activating/deactivating a route’s relations, you can activate or deactivate multi-ride ticket types.
  • Discount models cannot be applied to a multi-ride ticket, because we don’t know when such a ticket will be used or what utilisation the bus will have at that time.