Registering and Starting a Ticket Shop

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Registering and starting a Tixys shop is very easy. Just a few steps, and you can start selling tickets.

Who can register a Tixys shop?

Tixys is a booking engine for operators of long-distance and shuttle bus services, trains, ferries and small airlines. It is important that the company operating a Tixys shop is primarily responsible for all services offered. Therefore, agencies cannot open a Tixys shop.

What do you need to start?

Not much is required to start a Tixys shop. Of course, assuming that you already have some vehicles, and people to operate them.

In fact, all you really need to start selling tickets is a contract with one or more payment service providers supported by Tixys. A good start is a PayPal account.

First steps

Here’s a brief list of steps to perform until tickets can be sold. Follow the tutorial links to learn more about each step.

Go to the registration page and submit your registration.Register a Ticket Shop
When your shop has been activated, log in to the administration area.The Administration Area
Configure your shop settings.Shop Settings
Enter your stations and routes.Stations, Routes and Other Basics
Set up your timetables.Creating and Managing Timetables
Create price models. These define your bookable relations and tariffs.Defining prices for single-ride and multi-ride tickets
You’re done! From now on, customers can buy your tickets in the booking area.The Booking Process


Of course, great services are nothing without great marketing. To learn more about how to market your services and increase sales with Tixys, you might want to read the following chapters, too: