Users and Roles

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User management, user groups and roles/capabilities.

Free vs. Premium

User account and privileges management is only available in the “Premium“ version.

User account

There are two types of users interacting with Tixys: customers and system users. Customers don’t need to register. System users need an account that is created by the operator.

User accounts are created and managed at Administration areaUsersCompanies.

User capabilities

A user’s capabilities define what tasks he is allowed to perform in an operator’s shop. Capabilities can be combined to give the user broader permissions (without the need of giving administrative privileges).

Make sure to assign only those capabilities to a user account which the user needs to do his job.

The following roles are available:

AdministratorAdministrators are allowed to do anything in a shop, including the modification of other user accounts. Assign this role only to people you can ultimately trust!
Customer Supportview/create/edit tickets, view payments, view/create/edit/delete newsletter subscriptions, view/create/edit/delete vouchers
Dispositionview tours and their utilisation, assign a different vehicle type to a tour
Accountingview and export turnovers generated by partners, download total turnover reports
Agency bookingsbook post-paid tickets as an agent, view and export own turnovers
Bus driverview booked tickets for a given tour, create post-paid tickets – even after the booking deadline
Affiliatecan pass his user ID to the booking form; if a sale is generated, it is associated with his account

Password reset

Each user can change his own password on the password reset page, to be found at A temporary password is generated by the system and sent to the user. The user is asked to immediately change the password to a permanent one.

Although shop administrators can modify user passwords, it is strongly recommended to let each user select his own, confidential password. After creating the user’s account, tell the new user to go to the password reset page and retrieve a new password.


User accounts can be grouped by companies. Company objects are maintained at Administration areaUsersUsers. After creating a company, it can be assigned to a user’s account.

User and company channels

As described in chapter “Price Differentiation with Channelschannels can be used to have certain users sell post-paid tickets at different prices than customers.

A channel can either be assigned directly to a user. Or you can assign a channel to the user’s company and set the user’s channel to (inherit).

Assigning channels makes only sense for agents and busdrivers, because only these roles are able to create bookings at different prices than customers.

Using one account in multiple shops

It is possible to grant one user access to several shops. However, this has to be done by the Tixys support.