Privacy Information

Scope and types of data collection

Like almost any other website, collects personal information. Unlike others, we really try to keep it to a minimum. On this page, we’d like to explain what we collect and why.

  1. If you send us an e-mail through a contact form, we are collecting your name and e-mail address. This information is, together with your IP address (for fraud protection), stored and processed for the purpose of answering your inquiry and being able to refer to it later.
  2. We are offering subscriptions to various notifications by e-mail. When you submit your e-mail address to subscribe to such a notification, we will store your e-mail address and use it for sending your the requested notification in the future. The e-mail adress will be deleted as soon as the last of the requested notifications has been sent.
  3. Tixys collects statistical information from website visitors. These are: browser type and version, IP address, access date/time, URL, HTTP referrer, technical details about the browser (like window size and installed plugins). This information is used to improve our service (for example to optimize the website for common configurations) and to detect possible problems. Tixys may provide anonymized sets of this information to its partners to allow them to optimize their services, too. Users can prevent the collecting of this information by blocking our tracking server

Information about “cookie” usage

Cookies are small data objects which are used to store information in a website visitor’s browser. The following types of cookies are used on this website:

  1. On each visit, so called “session cookies” are stored. These are used to store visitor preferences across several accesses to the server.
  2. The tracking server stores a cookie to identify visitors on recurring visits, which helps improving our service.


All information collected by Tixys is stored on servers in Germany and the European Union, and is protected against unauthorized access. In other than the aforementioned cases, none of the collected information is given to third parties, unless AGITsol GmbH is legally obliged to do so.

If you have questions about privacy and data security on our platform, please contact us.